FreshFrozen is best for your pet

Why feed your dog or cat FreshFrozen food?
Best for health

Owners have known this for a long time and academics are also gradually coming to the conclusion. An increasing number of academic studies indicate that FreshFrozen food is better for your dog's health.

Italian academic research indicates that the bacteria in FreshFrozen food stimulate the intestinal flora. This creates a so-called Yakult-effect, as a result of which the dog will feel better in his coat and can absorb the nutrients in the food more easily. And this without added probiotics.

A study by the University of Helsinki shows that 91% of people who give their dog FreshFrozen food say that it gives their dog a better coat. This finding is based on a survey of 632 dog owners. Furthermore, 94% of owners stated that FreshFrozen food has a positive impact on the gastrointestinal tract, which is in line with the findings of the Italian study.

In addition, a Swiss study showed that dogs on FreshFrozen food had healthier teeth than dogs on kibble. The same study also indicated that the stool quality of dogs on FreshFrozen food were better than those of dogs on kibble.

And we haven't even mentioned the impact of the sugars present in many of the prepared foods on the weight and weight gain of our dogs and cats…

Less stool (on the pavement)

Without doubt the most quickly visible effect when you switch to FreshFrozen food: thanks to FreshFrozen food, your dog's and cat's stools will be greatly reduced.
How much less? Tests we carried out at the University of Ghent showed that the digestion coefficient of Jolipet© is 90 to 94%. In other words, when your dog eats 100g of Jolipet©, the stool will only amount to 6 to 10g. This is 2 to 3 times less compared to dogs that eat wet food or kibble.

The explanation lies in the exceptional quality of our local raw materials. The ash value of our food is very low and the raw materials we use are exceptionally easy to digest. The packaging may state, for example, that it has a high protein content, but if these protein cannot be absorbed, your dog or cat will not benefit. Then everything just flies through.

It's actually quite simple: you can immediately recognise the quality of the food by the quantity and consistency of your four-legged friend's stool. And let's face it, we all like less poo-poo ;-)


Not only healthy but also delicious. It sounds too good to be true. But it is. FreshFrozen food is delicious and gets your dog wagging his tail at mealtime. No wet food or kibble comes close to our FreshFrozen food when it comes to acceptance.

The acceptance rate for our FreshFrozen food is well over 90%. And also with our Jolipet© for cats we score very high with 76%. And this without flavor enhancers!

Dogs and cats like meat, not corn flakes.
Pure nature

In the end, it is the most natural food. Owners who visit our factory are always amazed by the simplicity of our production process. Raw, quality meat and organs are minced in the correct proportions and mixed with lightly precooked vegetables and freshly washed fruit from our factory. A spoonful of minerals and vitamins and appropriate oils are added and everything is ready to make hamburgers, which are frozen at an accelerated rate to preserve all nutrients.

No heating is involved, nor are preservatives, colorings or fragrances added. What you see is what you get. Just like in nature, when a wolf or feline eats its own prey.